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Noun1.meditativeness - deep serious thoughtfulnessmeditativeness - deep serious thoughtfulness    
thoughtfulness - the trait of thinking carefully before acting
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It was a strange reversal of attitudes: Fred's blond face and blue eyes, usually bright and careless, ready to give attention to anything that held out a promise of amusement, looking involuntarily grave and almost embarrassed as if by the sight of something unfitting; while Lydgate, who had habitually an air of self-possessed strength, and a certain meditativeness that seemed to lie behind his most observant attention, was acting, watching, speaking with that excited narrow consciousness which reminds one of an animal with fierce eyes and retractile claws.
Instead, the music's meditativeness suggests something new.
Vet the frantic (probably record-breaking) pace of the first and final movements (9:28, 9:46), offset by the inorganically ostentatious meditativeness of the Adagio (10:18, as against Spacek's 9:55), is merely a framework.