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Noun1.Medusa's head - African dwarf succulent perennial shrub with numerous slender drooping branchesmedusa's head - African dwarf succulent perennial shrub with numerous slender drooping branches
Euphorbia, genus Euphorbia - type genus of the Euphorbiaceae: very large genus of diverse plants all having milky juice
spurge - any of numerous plants of the genus Euphorbia; usually having milky often poisonous juice
2.Medusa's head - weedy rye grass having long bristling awnsmedusa's head - weedy rye grass having long bristling awns
wild rye - any of several grasses of the genus Elymus
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Rawdon Crawley meanwhile hurried on from Great Gaunt Street, and knocking at the great bronze Medusa's head which stands on the portal of Gaunt House, brought out the purple Silenus in a red and silver waistcoat who acts as porter of that palace.
she said advancing alone close to the girl who was affected exactly as if she had seen Medusa's head with serpentine locks set mysteriously on the shoulders of that familiar person, in that brown dress, under that hat she knew so well.
That is how the Medusa's head rose during the performance, and how a mechanical pianist hit the ivories with delirious abandon.
What's surprising, however, is the extent of the Greek debt to the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians for constellation figures we would have assumed were Greek innovations, such as the Winged Horse, the Medusa's Head, and the Hydra.
Raymond Queneau in his long poem Oak and Dog derides Medusa as grotesque in the couplet: "Severed head, woman gone wrong/ Medusa who sticks out her tongue" (56) but modern feminist theorists such as Helene Cixous (1975) and Annis Pratt (1994) have written extensively about the empowerment of Medusa's head, that is, her penetrating, petrifying gaze and beautiful horror.
In Apollodorus' version, the need to recover the eye and their single tooth forces the graiae to reveal the hiding place of the nymphs who will give Perseus the magical implements he needs to confront Medusa: the winged sandals, the Hades helmet that makes him invisible, and the kibisis, the pouch in which he can safely transport the medusa's head.
Summary: White marble sculpture of Medusa's head will be returned on Monday to Algeria Culture Minister Khalida Toumi at ceremony in Tunis.
In this episode, Medusa's head is used as a weapon by her slayer, whose physical strength is no match for Atlas, a detail that significantly alters our understanding of Petrarch's appropriation of this Ovidian scene.
The bronze statue, Perseus with the Head of Medusa, by the Mannerist sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, depicts the moment directly after the demigod Perseus chops off Medusa's head, thereby fulfilling his promise to deliver it to the abusive King Polydektes of Seriphos, who is planning to marry his mother, Daena, against her will.
On the page facing probably the most terrifying Medusa's head ever painted is a brief but evocative and thought-provoking paragraph:
When his beloved Andromeda is chosen as a sacrifice to appease deadly sea monster the Kraken, he embarks on a mission to retrieve the Medusa's head and hopefully save her.
30) Andromeda does not renounce her desire to see the Medusa's head, but accepts limitations on how she can see it.