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adj. meek·er, meek·est
1. Showing patience and humility; gentle.
2. Easily imposed on; submissive.

[Middle English meke, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse mjūkr, soft.]

meek′ly adv.
meek′ness n.




  1. (Quivering and) abject … like some unfortunate dog abasing itself before its master —Jean Rhys

    The quivering is being done by a young woman in the embrace of a lover, in Rhys’ novel, Quartet

  2. (Why do you sit there) apologizing to him, as if he were a fuehrer or something —Leslie A. Fiddler
  3. Bowed to them like a tree in a storm —Edith Wharton
  4. Complied like hostages with a gun trained on them —Louise Erdrich
  5. Exist unthinkingly like a slave, like a working animal —Iris Murdoch
  6. He’s like a bell, that will go for everyone that pulls it —Thomas Fuller
  7. Humble, friendly eyes looked up timidly, like the yes of a dog that is uncertain whether he is about to receive a pat or a blow —Ellen Glasgow


  8. Like an ox, his head bent meekly, he waited for the blow of the axe which was raised over him —Leo Tolstoy
  9. Lieeke a victim, she waited: meek, like a sacrifice —Margaret Drabble
  10. Looked humbly about him like a dog slipping into a strange kitchen and afraid of kicks —Honoré de Balzac
  11. Meek as a hen —Fyodor Dostoevski
  12. Meek as the dew —Dylan Thomas
  13. Meekness takes injuries like pills, not chewing, but swallowing them down —Sir Thomas Browne
  14. A meek soul without zeal, is like a ship in a calm, that moves not as fast as it ought —John M. Mason
  15. Obedience simulates subordination as fear of the police simulates honesty —George Bernard Shaw
  16. Obedient as a partner in a dance —Lael Tucker Wertenbaker
  17. Obedient as a sheep —Robert Browning
  18. Obediently as a trained seal —Anon

    The trained seal comparison has become a common cliche, with many variations such as “Obediently as a puppet on a string” and “Obediently like a trained elephant,” the latter spotted in Aldous Huxley’s After Many a Summer Dies the Swan.

  19. Servility is like a golden pill which outwardly gives pleasure but inwardly is full of bitterness —Narun Tate

    The word ‘gives’ has been modernized from ‘giveth.’

  20. Waiting upon her whims like a footman —O. Henry
  21. Went meekly off … like a repentant boy led away to reform school —Harvey Swados
  22. Yield like a foolish mother —Emily Brontë
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Noun1.meekness - the feeling of patient, submissive humblenessmeekness - the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness
humbleness, humility - a humble feeling; "he was filled with humility at the sight of the Pope"
2.meekness - a disposition to be patient and long suffering
humility, humbleness - a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride; "not everyone regards humility as a virtue"
spinelessness - the quality of lacking a strong character; an irresolute disposition



Lack of vanity or self-importance:
تَواضُع، خَجَل
hógværî, mjúklyndi


[ˈmiːknɪs] Ndocilidad f, mansedumbre f (liter)


nSanftmut f; (pej)Duckmäuserei f; (= tolerance)Duldsamkeit f


[ˈmiːknɪs] nmitezza, umiltà f inv


(miːk) adjective
humble and not likely to complain, argue, react strongly etc. a meek little man.
ˈmeekly adverb
ˈmeekness noun
References in classic literature ?
Then patchwork or towels appeared, and Amy sewed with outward meekness and inward rebellion till dusk, when she was allowed to amuse herself as she liked till teatime.
If not, I have that here which shall," returned David, exhibiting his book, with an air in which meekness and confidence were singularly blended.
The black, glassy eyes glittered with a kind of wicked drollery, and the thing struck up, in a clear shrill voice, an odd negro melody, to which she kept time with her hands and feet, spinning round, clapping her hands, knocking her knees together, in a wild, fantastic sort of time, and producing in her throat all those odd guttural sounds which distinguish the native music of her race; and finally, turning a summerset or two, and giving a prolonged closing note, as odd and unearthly as that of a steam-whistle, she came suddenly down on the carpet, and stood with her hands folded, and a most sanctimonious expression of meekness and solemnity over her face, only broken by the cunning glances which she shot askance from the corners of her eyes.
He has borne him- self with gentleness and meekness, yet with true manliness of character.
But the poor lady bore herself with so much dignity and meekness that it was not long before she had won the sympathy of those that were best among the crowd.
Their numbers were small; their stations in life obscure; the object of their enterprise unostentatious; the theatre of their exploits remote; how could they possibly be favorites of worldly Fame--that common crier, whose existence is only known by the assemblage of multitudes; that pander of wealth and greatness, so eager to haunt the palaces of fortune, and so fastidious to the houseless dignity of virtue; that parasite of pride, ever scornful to meekness, and ever obsequious to insolent power; that heedless trumpeter, whose ears are deaf to modest merit, and whose eyes are blind to bloodless, distant excellence?
the fault of the ass must not be laid on the pack-saddle;' and, as in this affair the fault is your worship's, punish yourself and don't let your anger break out against the already battered and bloody armour, or the meekness of Rocinante, or the tenderness of my feet, trying to make them travel more than is reasonable.
said the old maid, with the meekness of Christian charity.
What have I done to deserve such a fate, I who have tried to walk in meekness and righteousness all my days.
Milady folded her hands, and raising her fine eyes toward heaven, "Lord, Lord," said she, with an angelic meekness of gesture and tone, "pardon this man, as I myself pardon him.
IF the meekness and long-suffering of the Pierced-noses grieved the spirit of Captain Bonneville, there was another individual in the camp to whom they were still more annoying.
And always when Adam stayed away for several weeks from the Hall Farm, and otherwise made some show of resistance to his passion as a foolish one, Hetty took care to entice him back into the net by little airs of meekness and timidity, as if she were in trouble at his neglect.