meeting of minds

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Noun1.meeting of minds - a state of cooperationmeeting of minds - a state of cooperation    
accord, agreement - harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters; "the two parties were in agreement"
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Summary: On the face of it the Russia-Gulf Cooperation Council conference in Moscow Thursday was a meeting of minds.
Although I did pay her, I felt there was also a meeting of minds and that she understood me.
calls for Hariri's return ASSAFIR: "Hizbullah " We are ready to publish dialogue rapports Mashnouk threatens to resign from cabinet AL-MUSTAQBAL: Iran attempts to open safe land crossing to connect with south Lebanon Suleimani tasked with Iraq and Syria files after Hamadani AL-AKHBAR: Future: Let the cabinet, dialogue table fall down Ad-Diyar: "Future", "FPM" fight over presidency of Public Works and Finance committees Nasrallah: It is a shame to categorize landfills upon rites Mashnouk to Aoun : priority to presidential election DAILY STAR: "Future" movement raises the stakes in cabinet standoff Syrian Army launches Aleppo offensive Hizbullah support Obama says no meeting of minds with Russia on Syria Security Council meets on W.
The Meeting of Minds will be organized regionally under central direction and consist of 8-12 sessions.
You may have heard of Frost/Nixon, but nobody predicted this meeting of minds.
Simultaneously lighthearted and thought-provoking, this felicitous meeting of minds should attract fans of both men.
GNEX 2014 - The Global Meeting of Minds, will be held February 9-12, 2014 at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida, a destination that offers a sophisticated blend of casual Gulf Coast lifestyle and cosmopolitan excitement.
Meeting of minds A NETWORKING group building links between organisations with HD8 post codes has hailed the success of its first "offline" meeting.
At the time I saw it as a meeting of minds (my wife still cringes) as I was in the film industry myself.
The meeting of minds was organised by promoters All Or Nothing after Graham mentioned on their Facebook page that he had last seen Jeff's act at the Edinburgh Festival more than a decade ago.
AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari sought to make an issue out of a telephone call by " a senior BJP leader" to the CAG on a yet- to- betabled report, wondering whether " the meeting of minds was mere coincidence or there is more to it".

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