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n. Slang
1. One million dollars.
2. megabucks A large but unspecified amount of money.


(Banking & Finance) slang
a. a million dollars
b. (as modifier): a megabuck movie.


(ˈmɛg əˌbʌk)

n. Informal.
1. one million dollars.
2. megabucks, very large sums of money.
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If any private corporation had engaged in such patterns of malfeasance, fraud, and megabuck sleight of hand, it would have been punished by its customers, shareholders, and employees long before the government got involved.
Three Megabuck symbols came up on the machine in a coffee shop at the Desert Inn - winning Ms Cindy Jay a world record pounds 21.
Amateur bowles love this event because, in just one week, they can win more money than most pros do in their entire careers,' says Buddy Finkelberg, the originator of the sport's megabuck tournament concept.
Located in the Megabuck Zone, hole 04-37 is approximately 80 metres west of discovery hole 04-32 which also hit mineralization over a substantial length, specifically, 378 metres (1,240 feet) grading 0.
The drilling, conducted on the Property's Megabuck Zone, consisted of four angled diamond holes and one hole extension designed to extend gold-copper mineralization, and to better understand the geometry of the deposit.
The drill program will consist of 8 to 12 holes totaling approximately 3,500 metres (11,500 feet) of diamond drilling focused on expanding gold and copper mineralization in the Megabuck Zone laterally and at depth.
The Blazers aren't just frustrated, they're a megabuck team struggling to believe in itself.
But, buried deep within the studio accounts books, is a startling secret - those megabuck wages are only the tip of the money iceberg.
Ross Perot's pie charts and infomercials couldn't buy votes, and Steve Forbes' megabuck overtures have gone unrequited for yet another year.
He notes that in many a megabuck production, ``You're not only contending with a $20 million salary for the star, and say, $10 million for his co-star and another $10 million for the director, the studio's got to pay for the lead's bodyguards, nannies, assistants - and often a manager who insists on being made a producer.
Now $108,000, plus $3,500 for an appraisal, may not seem like much money in this era of megabuck municipal budgets.
28, 1996--UNIVERSAL GENETICS (Alberta Stock Exchange:UGS) Universal Genetics Corporation Limited wishes to update a previous announcement on July 23, 1996 then advising that one of its top Holstein bulls, MEADOW BRIDGE MEGABUCK was recently ranked #3 on the July 96 Canadian Network Dairy List.