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The female gametophyte that arises from a megaspore of a heterosporous plant. In angiosperms, the megagametophyte is the embryo sac.


(Botany) the female gametophyte, which develops from the megaspore


(ˌmɛg ə gəˈmi təˌfaɪt)

the female gametophyte in seed plants.
meg`a•ga•me`to•phyt′ic (-gəˌmi təˈfɪt ɪk, -ˌgæm ɪ-) adj.
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Noun1.megagametophyte - the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and megasporesmegagametophyte - the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and megaspores
gametophyte - the gamete-bearing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
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An additional mitosis of these nuclei an eight-nucleate megagametophyte was formed in the early-July (Fig.
Analyses to determine the role of the megagametophyte and other seed tissues in dormancy maintenance of yellow cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) seeds: morphological, cellular and physiological changes following moist chilling and during germination.
Organogenesis from megagametophyte and zygotic embryo explants of the gymnosperm Dioon edule Lindley (Zamiaceae, Cycadales).
Normally the three cells nearest the micropyle degenerate, leaving only one functional megaspore to develop into the megagametophyte.
Study of ovule and megagametophyte development in four species of subtribe Phaseolinae (Leguminosae).
Besides, the developmental features of megagametophyte and embryo seem to be very significant not only for systematic comparisons, but also for the knowledge of development and fertilization process.
When the pollen grain comes in contact with the nucellus, it forms a pollen tube that grows slowly toward the megagametophyte.
The objectives of the present work were to describe the temporal pattern of seed set in buckwheat when grown under controlled greenhouse conditions, and to evaluate whether seed set is limited by post-zygotic events such as abortion or resource limitation, or by pre-zygotic events such as flower abortion or abnormal megagametophyte development.
Comparative ovule and megagametophyte development in Hydatellaceae and water lilies reveal a mosaic of features among the earliest angiosperms.
The micropylar cell is functional megaspore that survives and will function in megagametophyte development.