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The female gametophyte that arises from a megaspore of a heterosporous plant. In angiosperms, the megagametophyte is the embryo sac.


(Botany) the female gametophyte, which develops from the megaspore


(ˌmɛg ə gəˈmi təˌfaɪt)

the female gametophyte in seed plants.
meg`a•ga•me`to•phyt′ic (-gəˌmi təˈfɪt ɪk, -ˌgæm ɪ-) adj.
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Noun1.megagametophyte - the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and megasporesmegagametophyte - the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and megaspores
gametophyte - the gamete-bearing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
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At the micropylar end of the seed, the megagametophyte (sometimes erroneously called endosperm) is covered by the brown, papery left over of the nucellus (perisperm) and forms a cap over the archegonial chamber and radicle (Fig.
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5(-5) cm long, purple or tinged green, resinous, ripening the second season; seeds hard, woody, nearly as large as the aril, megagametophyte smooth to slightly or deeply ruminated.
The megagametophyte in Anarthria (Anarthriaceae, Poales) and its implications for the phylogeny of the Poales.
Since the archespore ultimately gives rise to the megagametophyte (embryo sac), the nucellus is the part of the sporophyte that encloses the megagametophyte, separating it from the inner integument, although some of the nucellus may have degenerated at floral anthesis.