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1. Of, relating to, or exhibiting melanism.
2. Of, relating to, or affected with melanosis; melanotic.


(Pathology) relating to melanism or melanosis


(məˈlæn ɪk)

1. melanotic.
2. of or pertaining to melanism.
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MELANIC A Comprising a mixture B Having black or dark pigmentation C Race with dark hair and pale skin who am I?
This colour change in the fish was gray melanic colours through melanocyte-stimulating hormone -induced stimulation of melanin granule dispersed in the melanocytes.
Both parents have to carry the recessive melanic gene but there is still only a one in four chance of having a black cub.
He summarized loci and their alleles that affect shank skin colors, including the W locus (W allele for white shank: w allele for yellow shank) and the E locus (E allele for the extension of melanic pigmentation for plumage and shank skin colors: e allele for non-extension of black plumage and shank skin colors).
Des organisations telles que la Table de concertation des organismes au service des immigrants et immigrantes (TCRI), le Conseil canadien des refugies (CCR), la Coalition de defense des non-syndiques (coordonnee par l'organisme Au bas de l'echelle) par l'intermediaire de Melanic Gauvin, des eglises, ainsi que d'autres centres de soutien au Canada ont organise une campagne de sensibilisation visant a denoncer cette situation.
heavy sand loams)# 2 57 A peaty horizon# Absent (0), present (1) 2 58 At or A2 horizon directly Absent (0), overlies a calcrete pan, A1 horizon hard unweathered rock or (1), A2 other hard material; or horizon (2), partially weathered or A humose, decomposed rock or melacic, or saprolite; or melanic unconsolidated mineral horizon, or materials# conspicuously bleached A2 horizon (3) 2 59 A tenic B horizon or a B2 Absent (0), horizon with [less than or present (1) equal to] 15% clay (SL), or a transitional horizon (ClB) occurring in fissures in the parent rock or saprolite, which contains 10-50% of the B horizon material (including pedogenic carbonate)# 2 60 A ferric or bauxitic Absent (0), horizon >0.
First finding of melanic sylvatic Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) colonies in the Argentine Chaco.
The mesopeel melanoplus is a self-neutralizing, depigmenting peel for focal use, melanic spots, lentigos, and hyperpigmentation.
Other behavioral studies in insects have discovered melanic forms are strongly preferred in mate choice, further strengthening the notion that these pigments are strong indicators of quality (Seo et al.
So far he has visited a television studio, and is pictured with Hannah Bayman, bot-tom, had a tweet from Melanic C, below, and held a bird of prey, above left.
Parallel evolution of the melanic form of the California legless lizard, Anniella pulchra, inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequence variation.