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A brass wind instrument, similar to the French horn, often used in military or marching bands.


(Instruments) music a brass band instrument similar in tone to a French horn
[C20: from mellow + -phone]


(ˈmɛl əˌfoʊn)

a valved brass band instrument similar to the French horn.
[1925–30; mello (w) + -phone]
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An appendix including fingering charts for both F and B-flat mellophones is also included.
Inspired by some of Stan Kenton's experimental line-ups, they have three all-brass horn sections - trumpets, forward-facing baritones, two mellophones (in lieu of saxes) plus a valve trombone and a bass trombone.
The Phantom Knights marching corps was handed the cash to buy two mellophones - costing pounds 1,200 each - to help give their music a more competitive edge.
its length in a ratio to a changing width, particularly manifest in the mellophones and cornets (invented in the 1830s).
These tend to have the tone quality and intonation difficulties associated with the inexpensive mellophones of an earlier generation.