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1. Of, relating to, or containing a pleasing succession of sounds; tuneful.
2. Agreeable to hear: a melodious voice; the melodious song of a bird.

me·lo′di·ous·ly adv.
me·lo′di·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.melodiousness - the property of having a melodymelodiousness - the property of having a melody  
musicality, musicalness - the property of sounding like music


nWohlklang m, → Melodik f


(ˈmelədi) plural ˈmelodies noun
1. a tune. He played Irish melodies on the harp.
2. the principal part in a piece of harmonized music. The sopranos sang the melody, and the other voices added the harmony.
meˈlodic (-ˈlo-) adjective
of melody. a melodic style.
meˈlodious (ˈlou-) adjective
pleasing to the ear; tuneful. melodious tunes.
meˈlodiously adverb
meˈlodiousness noun
References in classic literature ?
Near at hand you could fancy it the most melancholy sound in Nature, as if she meant by this to stereotype and make permanent in her choir the dying moans of a human being -- some poor weak relic of mortality who has left hope behind, and howls like an animal, yet with human sobs, on entering the dark valley, made more awful by a certain gurgling melodiousness -- I find myself beginning with the letters gl when I try to imitate it -- expressive of a mind which has reached the gelatinous, mildewy stage in the mortification of all healthy and courageous thought.
These pieces, often given fanciful titles in both English and Spanish or named for particular women (usually the dedicatees), tried to capture the emotive melodiousness and rhythmic vivacity that was commonly perceived to be characteristic of the Mexican style.
Big band leader Billy "Wakey, Wakey" Cotton presented "popular tunes with a brightness and melodiousness which was is distinctly refreshing'' reported one local paper.
19) The harmonies of the universe, the state, and the individual mind were revealed in the melodiousness of music; likewise, discord in the state and the individual could be identified through disharmonious music.
In a study of the English names of Chinese employees at a German company, Brendler (2002) discerned the following main reasons for the choice of personal names: (1) no special reason at all (Robert Chen alias Chen Ming-ho), (2) easy pronunciation and melodiousness (Steven Chen alias Chen Chi-wen, Simon Wu alias Wu Chi-hui), (3) phonetic resemblance between the Chinese and the English name (Charles Lin alias Lin Charng-shyang), (4) semantic resemblance between the Chinese and the English name (Felix Liu alias Liu Chang Fu--both Felix and Fu refer to happiness), and (5) names given after famous people (Homer Chen alias Chen Chih-hung).
As she croons the lyrics of the song, Boohay Baariyan, many members of the audience swing and sway to the beat and the rhythm of her voice, adding a sense of melodiousness and harmony to the atmosphere.
This was a reading bristling with veiled threats from Oramo's orchestra which the soloist met with persuasion, a growling left hand gradually giving way to conciliatory right-hand melodiousness.
Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal has directed the Sanitation Directorate to take effective steps for cleanliness of nullahs in well planned manner as the sewerage lines connected by the people are causing melodiousness and throwing of plastic bags and other solid waste cause blockage in the smooth flow of nullahs.
She makes this explicit on the album's second song, "I'm Not Myself Today,'' but on "Little Soul,'' the songwriting structure and angle of emotional attack are straight out of the blues playbook, obscured only by the melodiousness of Baroni's voice.
The winners, adjudged on the basis of melodiousness, tonal quality, articulation and delivery, received cash prizes of Dh.
The melodiousness particularly manifests itself in the "pastel colours" of Oenek Pavlik's violin (the fifth movement, the beautiful theme on the G string), Ivan Klansky's effulgently poignant piano (the third movement, the Allegretto scherzando of the fourth movement, the Lento maestoso of the sixth movement) and Marek Jerie's heroic cello (the second movement--Poco adagio, the Cadenza, the main theme of the fourth movement, the introduction of the fifth movement).
As with everything I write, I was more concerned with melodiousness and lyricism than with pyrotechnics or any sort of groundbreaking techniques.