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Noun1.memory image - a mental image of something previously experiencedmemory image - a mental image of something previously experienced
image, mental image - an iconic mental representation; "her imagination forced images upon her too awful to contemplate"
memory picture - a memory image that is similar to a visual perception
afterimage, aftersensation - an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased
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Passware Kit acquires a live memory image of the encrypted computer over FireWire port and extracts a BitLocker recovery key from it.
Using low cost x86 hardware, the single memory image cluster provides both shared memory including threads and OpenMP and MPI programming options, he said.
When the thinking subject subsequently turns his or her attention to this memory image and recalls it to mind, the result is the internal vision that Augustine associates with cogitation or imagination.
when the bomb blows the building apart it abstracts it, the pieces fall back together again and you get a memory image of what was there but vastly altered and psychologically made infinitely more intense than the original thing" (2).
Virtually by design, the imagery produced in a ganzfeld session arises from the participant's memory, and the striking hits that are observed are due to the participant's bringing forth a particular memory image that matches the target material (Bem & Honorton, 1994).
The result--given the right OS hacks--is a cache-coherent multiprocessor system with a single memory image accessed by a single operating system kernel.
The artist used a shot of an ordinary, dirty sidewalk, reworked in 3D, to create an image that refers in turn to another memory image.
In addition, through Direct Memory Image Transfer technology, users of the new software can capture an exact image of the CAD geometry without translation, even when Algor and the CAD solid modeler reside on separate computers.
Schulte discusses at length Wittgenstein's criticisms of the idea of a memory image, the notion of the experiential content of a memory, and the thesis that a memory is embedded in certain feelings" (p.
Representative technologies with which he has worked include financial services products, multiple aspects of cellular and smartphone technology, semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optic amplifiers, DNA arrays, HIV drugs, alkaline batteries, wireless networking products, power supplies, cleaning systems for portable shavers, memory image sensors, portable music players, and automated tissue staining instruments.
Instead, it derives from the analogy between the uniform density of Rauschenberg's arrangements and the equivalent nature of memory: "as one remembers experience," she maintains, "each memory image seems to function for recall in a way that is independent of whether it happened or not, or what degree of denseness it had when we experienced it.
Passware has found a way to acquire the token from a live memory image and, which is more applicable, from a Windows hibernation file.