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Noun1.memory picture - a memory image that is similar to a visual perceptionmemory picture - a memory image that is similar to a visual perception
memory image - a mental image of something previously experienced
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His mind was a blank, save for the intervals when unsummoned memory pictures took form and color and radiance just under his eyelids.
TRIBUTE: Friends and family of Wirral teenager Shannon Murray, inset right, gathered next to | |Perch Rock to release hundreds of balloons in her memory Picture by James Maloney
Julie Young, left, and in a |treasured picture with son Reagan, above, and sections of the North Tees hospital mural, top and right, dedicated to Reagan's memory PICTURE LEFT BY IAN MCINTYRE
Turkish football fans will be able to take a memory picture with the World Cup Trophy at the special tent which will be set up by the organizers in downtown.
Use scrapbooks, photo journals, keepsake memory picture frames, or jot down favorite family stories.
WELCOME George Alderson with Kevin and right, chief exec Gillian Stacey shows Kevin a memory picture
Memory books, memories boxes, and memory picture albums can all be used to address bereaved children's questions of "Will I forget my person?
That creates a memory picture which it uses to clean the rest of the floor.