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 (mĕm′sä′hĭb, -sä′ĭb, -säb)
1. Used as a form of address for a European woman in South Asia.
2. A European woman in colonial India.
3. A female mountaineer employing Sherpas or porters in the Himalayas.


(ˈmɛmˌsɑːɪb; -hɪb)
(formerly in India) a term of respect used of a European married woman
[C19: from ma'am + sahib]


(ˈmɛmˌsɑ ɪb, -ib)

(formerly, in India) a term of respect for a married European woman.
[1855–60; < Hindi =mem (< E ma ' am) + sāhib master (< Arabic ṣāḥib)]
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Noun1.memsahib - a woman sahibmemsahib - a woman sahib        
sahib - formerly a term of respect for important white Europeans in colonial India; used after the name


[ˈmemˌsɑːhɪb] N (India) → mujer f casada
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In those days I rode seventy miles with an English Memsahib and her babe on my saddle-bow.
Jenny Sharpe argues in her famous study, Allegories of Empire, that Flora Annie Steel 'embodies the memsahib in all her contradictions' (93), as she lived for twenty-two years in India, gaining a very good knowledge of the country, its history and culture and even becoming conversant with one of the main languages of the subcontinent--Punjabi.
Politics, Psyche and Feminine Time: Nancy Meckler's Sister, My Sister and Pratibha Parmar's Memsahib Rita.
She has co-edited the book The Male Empire under the Female Gaze: The British Raj and the Memsahib (New York: Cambria, 2013).
Oh, another blog post by a memsahib, a ' trailing wife'
You would pass them, not as a memsahib in a paltry Indian cantonment, but as the absolute queen of an absolute king.
The male empire under the female gaze; the British Raj and the memsahib.
Tiger O'Toole 7g King's Theatre - Memsahib Ofesteem Ms S Howell 3P-1522 RPR 137c OR 131c Another smashing horse who won a Grade 2 hurdle at Ascot.
All our love From All the Family xxx RIORDAN Marilyn Dawn (nee Randall) Three years since your passing, I miss you each waking hour, you were my loving wife but will always remain the Memsahib.
She has to get rid of Miss Gilby, her English tutor (as suggested by Sandip), because she has to refrain from becoming a memsahib or an Englishwoman.
Birbal stood before Malini in the sitting room scratching his head, surely memsahib was joking, no guest had come to the house in years, and now suddenly there was going to be a guest and, that too, the sahib himself.