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(Classical Myth & Legend) a variant spelling of maenad


(ˈmi næd)

2. a frenzied or raging woman.
[1570–80; < Latin Maenad- (s. of Maenas) < Greek Mainás a bacchante, literally, madwoman]
mae•nad′ic, adj.
mae′nad•ism, n.
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On peut citer, entre autres, Simondi, Velud et Menad en attendant de passer aux pourparlers.
Implementing agency : Visoka kola za menad ment u turizmu i informatici u virovitici,
We are very pleased that people have made time to see us during their Global Village visit, especially seeing as they have a lot of choice when it comes to entertainment," Mehdy Menad, FMX Group's manager, said.
Mehdy Menad, FMX manager said: "The show has been getting a great response from the crowds.
Five stars from the team - Djamel Menad, Mohamed Chaib, Mohamed Kaci-Said, Salah Larbes and Mustapha Kiouici - all have children with illnesses or birth defects.
Professor Blau Menad, head of clinical and biochemistry services at the Children's Hospital in Zurich, said PKU is characterized by elevated blood phenylalanine (Phe) levels which are toxic for the brain.
Finally, as has been my practice over the decades, I minimize arcane words, such as ADMEN MENAD, ANCLE CLEAN, BALSA SABAL, and DOZEN ZENDO.
Elisabetta's name was dragged into the scandal by French model-turned-vice girl Karima Menad, who claims that she had taken cocaine with Clooney's girlfriend.
I used cocaine along with other people, among whom was Elisabetta Canalis," the Telegraph quoted the French woman, Karima Menad, 26, as saying.
Another terror suspect named as Menad Benchellali had been making chemical bombs from ricin, the botulism virus and cyanide at his Lyon apartment.
SEMIFINALS - Brian MacPhie, United States, and Menad Zimonjic, Serbia, d Bob and Mike Bryan, United States, 7-6 (6), 4-6, 6-1.
Partizan's sterling defensive work was rewarded with a 68th-minute penalty equaliser by Vuk Rasovic after Laurent Charvet had tripped Menad Jekovic.