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A synthetic compound, C11H8O2, obtained by oxidation of 2-methylnaphthalene, that is converted in the body to vitamin K2 and is used as an additive in animal feed. Also called vitamin K3.


(Biochemistry) a yellow crystalline compound used in fungicides and as an additive to animal feeds. Formula: C11H8O2. Also: vitamin K3
[C20: from me(thyl) + na(phtha) + di-1 + -one]


(ˌmɛn əˈdaɪ oʊn)

a synthetic yellow crystalline powder, C11H8O2, insoluble in water, used as a vitamin K supplement. Also called vitamin K 3.
[1940–45; me (thyl) + na (phthalene) + di-1 + -one]
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Noun1.menadione - a form of vitamin K
antihemorrhagic factor, naphthoquinone, vitamin K - a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in the clotting of blood
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24 (1) Supplied per kilogram of premix: Cu, 30,000 mg; Fe, 19,000 mg; Zn, 18,000 mg; Mn, 9,600 mg; I, 80 mg; Se, 70 mg; retinyl acetate, 800,000 IU; cholecalciferol, 240,000 IU; DL-[alpha]-tocopheryl acetate, 2,400 IU; menadione sodium bisulfite complex, 480 mg; thiamine, 150 mg; riboflavin, 480 mg; pyridoxine, 240 mg; vitamin [B.
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