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v. mend·ed, mend·ing, mends
1. To make repairs or restoration to; fix.
2. To reform or correct: mend one's ways.
a. To improve in health or condition: The patient is mending well.
b. To heal: The bone mended in a month.
2. To make repairs or corrections.
1. The act of mending: did a neat mend on the sock.
2. A mended place: You can't tell where the mend is.
mend fences
To improve poor relations, especially in politics: "Whatever thoughts he may have entertained about mending some fences with [them] were banished" (Conor Cruise O'Brien).
on the mend
Improving, especially in health.

[Middle English menden, short for amenden, to amend; see amend.]

mend′a·ble adj.
mend′er n.
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The charity's concept requires that all dresses are handmade in a style that is easily mendable and does not include zips and buttons.
Resembling a Star Wars Storm Troopers headgear, many of the future combat helmet designs fully encapsulate the head and incorporate face shields and mendable protection.
A Thermally Mendable Bricks-and-Mortar Thermoplastic Thermoset Blend [W25] by Patrick Mather, Syracuse Univ.