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or men•or•rhoe•a

(ˌmɛn əˈri ə)

menstrual flow.
men`or•rhe′al, men`or•rhe′ic, adj.
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Noun1.menorrhea - flow of blood from the uterus; occurs at roughly monthly intervals during a woman's reproductive years
adult female body, woman's body - the body of an adult woman
blood - the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets; "blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries away waste products"; "the ancients believed that blood was the seat of the emotions"


n. menorrea, flujo menstrual normal.
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Maybe, it is because of exercise that it is caused to increasing the metabolism rate & for menstrual cycle needs to more inactive fat, so the menarche will be delayed or a menorrhea precedes [2]
To assess symptoms of CHIKV infections, researchers questioned the participants regarding current symptoms, symptoms that occurred since the time of their last menorrhea, or symptoms they recalled from a recent confirmed or suspected CHIKV infection.