mens room

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men's′ room`

a public lavatory for men.
[1925–30, Amer.]
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The Mondays Sevens are drawing to a close with Forza Libpol and GPR battling it out in the championship, while USA 94, The Mens Room and Bayern FC are locked in three-way battle, with only one point separating them and the top two split only by goal difference.
As the singer for the seminal groups Born Against, Men's Recovery Project and Wrangler Brutes, Sam McPheeters was responsible for writing such confusing and awesome songs as "I Am a Idiot" and "Email is a Mens Room.
Cheers: With a toast regulars greet female member Maxine Wilson into Yardley Wood Social Club's mens room - hitherto barred to females for the last 90 years.