mental capacity

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Noun1.mental capacity - mental abilitymental capacity - mental ability; "he's got plenty of brains but no common sense"
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
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On the evening of which we write, Monsieur Saillard, returning from the ministry, found a game of boston in full blast; Elisabeth was advising Falleix how to play; Madame Saillard was knitting in the chimney-corner and overlooking the cards of the vicar; Monsieur Baudoyer, motionless as a mile-stone, was employing his mental capacity in calculating how the cards were placed, and sat opposite to Mitral, who had come up from Ile-d'Adam for the Christmas holidays.
Unless and until we do have the capacity to fight and work of any types our mental capacity becomes totally ruined.
Contract: Mental capacity, deprivation of liberty safeguards and adult safeguarding
Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and who has mental capacity may make a Will that appoints an Executor.
Objective: To describe the validation of an instrument to assess the mental capacity of an individual to sign an enduring power of attorney.
The author covers juvenile justice, confidentiality, the mental health act, the mental capacity act, consent to treatment, child mental and the law, the rights of the child, the Children Act of 1989 and its 2004 amendments, and many other related subjects.
A psychiatrist who examined Sumner Redstone twice last month found the 93-year-old retained the mental capacity needed to remove Viacom Inc.
The judge said he had been asked to analyse issues relating to her mental capacity to make decisions at a Court of Protection hearing in Newcastle.
But Mr Justice Mac-Donald dismissed the application, after one adult daughter argued that her mother understood what she was doing and had the mental capacity to make such a "horrible" decision.
The researchers found that those who ate 1-2 servings of leafy greens each day demonstrated the mental capacity of someone more than a decade younger, even after accounting for gender, age, education, smoking, exercise, and any heightened Alzheimer's risk.
Anthony Collins Solicitors said Ms MacMillan's extensive experience in working with adults and children with mental health or mental capacity difficulties will strengthen the Court of Protection team's holistic services and support to anyone who might lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves.
In most cases, the person making the will is over the age of 65, and in this situation a person is required to obtain a doctor's report showing that he/she has the mental capacity to draft a will.