mental exhaustion

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Noun1.mental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keennessmental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keenness
exhaustion - extreme fatigue
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With such pleasant thoughts filling him alternately with despair and rage, Carthoris at last dropped into the sleep of utter mental exhaustion.
This country villa pleased the prince very much in his state of physical and mental exhaustion.
Many family caregivers expressed mental exhaustion, being in a fog, the emotional toll of having an ill child and uncertainty on how to care for their child after hospitalization.
During a race, you face many different challenges-both those you can control, like physical and mental exhaustion, and those you can't, like the weather.
Taylor talks of sleepless nights, mental exhaustion and of being increasingly distracted by personal problems.
The aim of the project is to increase the ability of workers in social care meet the demanding requirements of professional care for people with physical and multiple disabilities and reduce the risk of mental exhaustion staff.
The 24 souls had to endure the grueling five days of physical and mental exhaustion, playing through injuries, such as blisters and muscle strains, and sleeping for an hour or two in makeshift quarters on the gym's bleachers.
Finally, the aging Schutz's repeated entreaties for reduced responsibilities hint at his physical and mental exhaustion after a lifetime of service.
The common theme in all 3 examples is being a tourist in a popular holiday destination, however there are other relevant factors which spark uncomfortable psychological reactions such as language barriers, unfamiliar environment, loss of control, change of food, physical and mental exhaustion and different cultural practices.
Effect of inhaled essential oils on mental exhaustion and moderate burnout: a small pilot study.
Whether from physical or mental exhaustion, a lone Phil Godman penalty was all they could manage in a final 50 minutes which saw them unrecognisable from the side which had so convincingly dominated the opening exchanges.
It's just a meltdown of grief and mental exhaustion.