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Noun1.mental institution - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced personmental institution - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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Laughing off the gossip that was going around online, "The Queen" sarcastically stressed that she was never admitted into any mental institution and is not experiencing any kind of mental problems.
A federal law barring a Michigan man in 2011 from owning a gun because he was committed to a mental institution more than 20 years earlier is unconstitutional, a three-judge panel of the Cincinnati-based court ruled December 18, Newsmax reported.
10pm The sequel finds Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in a mental institution and her teenage son, John (Edward Furlong), in foster care.
The woman had recently been placed in the mental institution by a court order because of behavioral issues she manifested while serving time at the Howard County jail.
Originally opened in 1851, the Fulton State Mental Hospital was the first public mental institution west of the Mississippi River.
He should be jailed for inappropriate language or be sent to mental institution and FIR (first information report) should be registered against him under the Atrocities Act," said Ojha.
A 46-year-old woman from California named Katherine Thurston who was accused of stalking Hugh Jackman in April 2013 is found fit for trial after being placed in a mental institution for six months.
Synopsis: Jacob Duke has come back to Braketon a sleepy, backwoods town bordering Dover, the mental institution where he spent his formative years.
In the new film, Toni plays surly hitchhiker Shaz who is chosen by local politician Barry (Anthony LaPaglia) to care for his five oddball daughters when their mother is packed off to a mental institution.
In The Man Who Would Be Jack, the link is made with a man by the name of Thomas Hayne Cutbush, who had been arrested in 1891 for stabbing women in Kennington and was kept in a mental institution for life.
24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Courageous new author, Donna Cameron Jones, risks everything to tell her story of how the Mafia purportedly had her locked up in a mental institution because she had evidence of their corruption.
It conflicts with an earlier examination that diagnosed Breivik as psychotic and prompted prosecutors to say he should be committed to a mental institution instead of prison if convicted.