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The reviews include the mercantilistic era (only 17th/18th, not the 15th/16th centuries).
China's economic model is mercantilistic in important respects.
Forster presents us with Ruskin's indirect view of Venice that is preoccupied entirely with its omnipresent tidal waters; both the mercantilistic Venice of the Renaissance and the unsettling liquidity of capitalism echo the rising and falling waters of Edwardian London.
The existing anti-democratic system, the anti-capitalist system we have, because it's mercantilistic, doesn't allow this situation to improve," Urbizo pointed out.
In mercantilistic design and thought encased in imperial tradition, Dutch, British and Portuguese imposed exportative systems which made it difficult for the Muslim traders to compete.
Colonial Latin America would be characterized as having various extractive systems such as labour coercion, forced purchases of goods, and mercantilistic restrictions on trade.
This defiantly mercantilistic vision weighs the benefits that the London Borough of Enfield derives from big national or international corporations in running their local operations and sets them against the advantages that they derive from trading with Enfield's businesses and 300,000 inhabitants.
Although China has long had an interest in Africa, contributing in a limited way to its economic development with aid and cooperation programmes, the more mercantilistic approach that has taken off in the past decade has had a deep and fundamental impact in Africa.
It has suggested that the non-iterative transactions are easier to trace, because of their purely mercantilistic nature.
Johnson twice mentions Mariana, but only as a kind of diffuse cultural contextualization of Cervantes's criticisms of mercantilistic corruption (124, 159).