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 (mûr′chən-dīz′, -dīs′)
n. Abbr. mdse.
Goods bought and sold in business; commercial wares.
v. merchandise (-dīz′) also mer·chan·dize (-dīz′) mer·chan·dised, mer·chan·dis·ing, mer·chan·dis·es also mer·chan·dized or mer·chan·diz·ing or mer·chan·diz·es
1. To buy and sell (goods).
2. To promote the sale of, as by advertising or display: merchandised a new product.
To buy and sell goods; trade commercially.

[Middle English merchaundise, from Old French marchandise, trade, from marcheant, marchand, merchant; see merchant.]

mer′chan·dis′a·ble adj.
mer′chan·dis′er n.
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An additional 10% discount is taken for the remaining merchandisable inventory (reported RMI less minimum base processing inventory) to account for potential basis risk loss on its hedging positions.
The talent on our shows become the best version of their brand; the most merchandisable version of their brand.
Hershey and a rack manufacturer designed the fixture, which adds more than 144 feet of merchandisable space.
Artists may have concerns about placing original artwork on the web, so our system enables students to upload video files or photographs at resolutions that allow viewing but are too low to permit quality or merchandisable duplication.
Batman versus The Green Hornet: The Merchandisable TV Text and the Paradox of Licensing in the Classical Network Era.