merchant prince

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merchant prince

(Commerce) a very wealthy merchant

mer′chant prince′

a very wealthy or influential merchant.
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They linger for a dozen pages over a tea-party, but sum up a life's history with "he had become one of our merchant princes," or "he was now a great artist, with the world at his feet.
The Merchant Prince versus the Doctor, who they are selling as having the political X Factor, whatever that is.
One of the greatest influences of my life was my maternal grandfather, Burjorji Patel, a merchant prince who lived in Balochistan," he wrote in his autobiography.
The ships CHRISTOPHER Scanlanserved on 10 other vessels:The Anglo-Canadian The Hopecastle The Hopemount The Empire Gallic The British Diplomat The Riley The Peebles The Merchant Prince The Innes Moor The Hayser DO YOU HAVE A
And while Jaja was making waves at Opobo in the eastern part of the Niger Delta, another great merchant prince had also emerged in the western part of the Niger Delta.
Alexander Stewart was 'The Merchant Prince of Manhattan' in early New York whose name was famous for another reason after his death: the robbing of his grave set off one of the biggest investigations in the city's history and was recounted by Mark Twain and others.
Whereas Machiavelli penned his notorious handbook in the hopes of becoming an advisor to Lorenzo de' Medici, Antongiavanni writes to offer his sartorial expertise to John Elkann, heir apparent to the Fiat dynasty and grandson of the Italian merchant prince Gianni Agnelli.
However, when Umar died in November 644 the tiny group of disciples responsible for choosing the new caliph passed over Ali and selected a seventy-year-old, Uthman ibn Affan, a merchant prince of Mecca, who had been another early convert.
To Lorenzo de Medici 1492-1519 Duke of Urbino, descended from the Medicis of Florence-not to be confused with Lorenzo the Magnificent, the Merchant Prince, 1469-1492" (27).
was elected president of a 15-member board of directors that included merchant prince Joseph L.

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