mercury poisoning

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Noun1.mercury poisoning - a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury; acute mercury poisoning causes a metallic taste and vomiting and diarrhea and kidney problems that may lead to death
intoxication, poisoning, toxic condition - the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance
Minamata disease - a form of mercury poisoning among people who ate fish from mercury-contaminated waters of Minamata Bay off Japan in the 1950s; characterized by severe neurological degeneration
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Mercury poisoning can damage the brain, kidneys, lungs and nervous system.
Most doctors and patients don't know of these exposures or the adverse health outcomes that are a result of mercury poisoning.
7-- 42 E1/4g/ m3, is enough to kill by mercury poisoning.
That would imply that autism is a form of mercury poisoning.
However, widespread seafood fraud can lead to fish contaminated by heavy metals being sold to those who are vulnerable to mercury poisoning, such as pregnant women and children.
In all, 900 people died and 2,265 people are still suffering from mercury poisoning.
Ontario and Canada have never apologized for even one case of mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows.
If going by the same rate, mercury poisoning can pose a real threat to the future of mankind.
And she only began to turn the corner after doctors in Switzerland said it was mercury poisoning, which can mimic MS symptoms.
Dimercaprol (British anti-Lewisite; BAL) is used for the treatment of arsenic, gold, and acute mercury poisoning (not effective for chronic mercury poisoning).
As far as the Emerald Tablet goes, an English translation was provided by Isaac Newton, who was infatuated with alchemy and possibly had mercury poisoning from attempting to produce gold.
Mostly due to a large amalgam filling from 2008, Jeffrey developed many severe symptoms from mercury poisoning.