merger agreement

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Noun1.merger agreement - contract governing the merger of two or more companiesmerger agreement - contract governing the merger of two or more companies
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Under the terms of the merger agreement, Central Parking's shareholders will receive $22.
NYSE:KAR), North America's largest publicly traded provider of wholesale vehicle auctions and used vehicle dealer floorplan financing, announced today that it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission the definitive proxy materials in connection with the merger agreement ADESA entered into with a group of private equity funds.
The Amended Merger Agreement fully amends and restates the parties prior Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement") which JK Acquisition Corp.
The Mills' Board of Directors, after consultation with its outside counsel and independent financial advisors, has determined, in accordance with the merger agreement between The Mills and Brookfield Asset Management, Inc.
The board of directors also declared a special distribution equal to a prorated portion of its regular quarterly distribution for the period beginning January 1, 2007 to and including the closing date of the merger transaction in an amount calculated as provided in the merger agreement.
DALLAS -- ElkCorp (NYSE:ELK), a leading manufacturer of roofing and building products, today announced that it has received notification from The Carlyle Group (Carlyle) that Carlyle has determined not to submit a revised proposal in response to the notice sent by ElkCorp to Carlyle on January 29, 2007, of ElkCorp's intention to terminate the merger agreement between ElkCorp and Carlyle.
and the other parties to its pending merger agreement in which Cryptometrics has, among other matters, approved the agreement regarding the restructuring of the Cornell financing described below, waived the condition in the merger agreement requiring that the Company's stock be authorized for listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market prior to the closing and agreed to fund various expenses of the Company in connection with the Closing.
CHICAGO -- Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE: EOP) today announced that it has amended its merger agreement entered into on November 19, 2006 with affiliates of The Blackstone Group.
Yankee" or the "Company"; NYSE:YCC) announced that at a special meeting of stockholders held today the Company's stockholders approved the proposed merger agreement providing for the merger of Yankee with an affiliate of Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC, a leading private equity firm.
Shareholder Meeting to Approve Merger Agreement to be Adjourned and Reconvened on January 23, 2007
Okun, a real estate entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida, Investment Properties of America LLC (IPofA), his principal operating company which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and several affiliated entities that he controls, for their breach of the merger agreement between First Montauk and two Okun affiliated corporate entities.