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A spicy, North African sausage that is made with lamb or sometimes beef, is red in color, and is flavored with harissa, paprika, garlic, cumin, and other spices.

[French, from Maghrebi colloquial Arabic mergāz, variant of Arabic mirqāz, mirkās, possibly of Mozarabic origin and akin to Spanish morcón, large intestine used as sausage casing, chorizo with such casing, Spanish morcilla and Portuguese morcela, blood sausage, and dialectal Portuguese (Beira) môrca, potbelly, all probably from a pre-Roman Iberian root *murk-, belly, large intestine.]


(Cooking) a heavily spiced North African sausage
[C20: probably from a Berber word ]
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New starters include traditional French flavours such as the baked Camembert paired with crushed walnuts, truffle oil, baby leaves and crostini; as well as influences from the wider Mediterranean basin in the form of mini Merguez sausages with chilli-lime aioli.
1 Heat the oil in a large pan, add the merguez sausages and fry them until browned.
Merguez sausages were as good as any I've had outside of Strasbourg, with an almost gamey funk to their gloriously brick-red innards.
When chef Elhajoui serves his food-centric guests char-grilled merguez sausages with harissa ($10), many already know that harissa is a hot chili pepper paste and merguez is a North African lamb sausage.
There are also other mains that can be ordered with a supplement; the grilled merguez sausages with roasted garlic caught my eye, but I decided a mixed grill would suffice.
The upstairs is where you can sip your coffee in quiet contemplation or opt for what the restaurant calls 'light bites' that range from grilled Merguez sausages, spiced cous cous, smoked baby aubergines and pomegranate molasses to tomato and pimento chicken breast on a salami, spinach, borlotti bean and rosemary salad.
Concentrated with rich fruit, attractive spice and lots of tannins on the lingering finish, I'd also recommend it with merguez sausages.
Registered weaners sell for pounds 95, unregistered for pounds 65, while Moroccan-inspired merguez sausages, hand-smoked chorizo (by Paul himself) and homemade pork pies sell like hotcakes on their online catalogue.
Recommendable dishes: The house specialty, couscous royale, flavored with the chef's own chicken-vegetable broth features his skewered lamb, skewered chicken and a trio of his house-produced, spicy Merguez sausages.
I started with the spicy merguez sausages (pounds 4.
Merguez Sausages with Scalloped Potatoes PREP AND COOK TIME: About 1 1/2 hours NOTES: Harissa-spiced merguez sausages, are available from specialty butchers.