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adv.1.In the direction of the meridian.
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1 double monochromator with 2 meridionally curved Si Laue crystals in Rowland geometry covering an energy range from 40-150keV for operations in the horizontal diffraction plane (Lot 2).
The meridionally running valley changes its course and trends NE-NW, regaining thereafter its meridional direction (Fig.
Ten locations within a meridionally aligned study area incorporating the Hillston and Merriwagga 1:100000 topographic map sheet areas of western NSW, were chosen as sampling sites for this work (Table 1).
One can think of the Earth as divided meridionally into quadrants, the "front" quadrant being illustrated in Figure 2.
The contemporary lake has a meridionally elongated configuration.
Also, and possibly because of the different portioning of the cytoplasm in the single-cell zygote prior to its first cleavage, this asynchronous division also occurs along differing planes, called "rotational cleavage," where one cell divides meridionally (top-to-bottom), while the other divides equatorially (left-to-right).
The role of glaciers is greater in meridionally orientated incisions (Raukas & Tavast 1984).
However, the direction of winds from the west does not mean that the shoreline was oriented meridionally, from north to south, because the waves could approach the shore obliquely.