merino sheep

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Noun1.merino sheep - white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional qualitymerino sheep - white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional quality
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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In Saxony the importance of the principle of selection in regard to merino sheep is so fully recognised, that men follow it as a trade: the sheep are placed on a table and are studied, like a picture by a connoisseur; this is done three times at intervals of months, and the sheep are each time marked and classed, so that the very best may ultimately be selected for breeding.
They raided her village in Kamelei, Marakwet East, making away with at least 300 cows and 3,000 merino sheep.
This region is rich in agriculture because we have milk, Irish potatoes, pyrethrum and Merino sheep, but there will be no meaningful development without peace," Prof Lonyangapuo said.
After arriving in Geneva in the 1840s, Eli and Jerusha Peck built the Italianate house in 1869 befitting their stature attained by raising renowned Merino sheep.
In the decision tree diagram, Akkaraman, Malya, and Karacabey Merino sheep breeds were clustered in Node 1 with the average CCW of 18.
Simov is confident that his merino sheep skins and wool will appeal to the Russian shoe and clothing manufacturers because of the predominantly cold Russian weather.
In many studies of Merino sheep, the degree of inheritance of fleece strength was from 0.
Later, back at the family house, the boys celebrate the night before the wedding by getting drunk and kidnapping Ramsy, the prize Merino sheep belonging to Mia's intimidating parents.
In a herd, merino sheep follow a predictable pattern of spreading out and clustering together.
Merino sheep are traditionally bred for their wool and officials explained Chris could die if his fleece was not cut immediately.