merino sheep

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Noun1.merino sheep - white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional qualitymerino sheep - white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional quality
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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Finally, the merino sheep were led through the historic Alcala gate before the protest broke up.
Named "Shrek" after the troll from the animated film, the merino sheep had strayed and lived in mountain caves for six years after escaping from his domestic flock.
HEAVYWEIGHTS: Shetland X Merino sheep from Adas Wales which produce bucketfuls of wool.
Head on over to Henry Ford's Birthplace to watch the resident Merino sheep sheared of their heavy winter coats.
This is particularly significant for Merino sheep which are notorious for their poor immune response to worms, especially when young,' Eady says.
The FecB gene is a dominant autosomal gene responsible for the fecundity of Booroola Merino sheep with an additive effect on ovulation rate firstly identified in 1980s (Piper et al.
His flock of Merino sheep, known for having the finest fiber of all wool breeds, have flabby flesh and it can be quite difficult to shear without cutting them.
Director Robi Mandley has farmed merino sheep and angora goats for many years and also has a thriving textile company.
Inside the village, the spirit of the farm is brought to life by horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and the wrinkly-skinned merino sheep.
Unlike natural shedding, cortisol injected Merino sheep, shedding of fibre starts from rump and belly areas extending to shoulders (Ansari-Renani and Hynd, 2001; Ansari-Renani et al.
While South African Boer goats were the focus at Princeton Acres Ranch, a stone archway, flowers, acres of rolling grassland, an old barn and four Romney Merino sheep were the attraction at the Red Fox Farm on Worcester Road.
The merino sheep took six years to grow his 60lb fleece, but a champion shearer in New Zealand clipped it off in just 20 minutes before hundreds of onlookers and a live television audience of millions.