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adj. Biology
1. Having or composed of segments; segmented.
2. Relating to a change in the number or placement of body parts or segments: meristic variation.

[From Greek meristos, divided; see meristem.]

me·ris′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Biology) of or relating to the number of organs or parts in an animal or plant body: meristic variation.
2. (Biology) segmented: meristic worms.


(məˈrɪs tɪk)

of, pertaining to, or divided into anatomical segments or symmetrical body parts.
[1890–95; < Greek meristikós]
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Rockfish biology and ecology have been well studied because of their commercial importance, yet some taxonomic limits, population boundaries, and phylogenetic relationships within Sebastes remain unclear (Hyde and Vetter, 2007; Orr and Hawkins, 2008) because many species are very similar and overlap in meristic counts and morphometries.
Akin-Oriola G, Anetekhai M and K Olowonirejuaro Morphometric and Meristic Studies in Two Crabs: Cardisoma armatum and Callinectes pallidus.
Finally meristic counts are all fewer than in the native atherinopsids with little or no overlap: dorsal spines, Mississippi silversides, IV-VI vs.
For additional morphometric and meristic characters distinguishing Austrolebias bagual from congeners, see the Discussion, below.
Interestingly enough, this work is still important today because of the locality information and meristic data on the native freshwater fishes of California and southern Arizona, three of which are now listed under the Endangered Species Act by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Miller and Hubbs, 1969; Minckley, 1973; Williams et ah, 1989).
Our purpose was to provide evidence on the specific identity of the unusual lizard and document its existence with photographs in addition to descriptions of color pattern, scutellation, meristic, and body size characters.
Studies on Baltic herring started already in the late 19th century, when on the basis of morphometric and meristic characters, two races--spring and autumn spawners--were distinguished (Heincke, 1898).
Data are available on meristic and morphological data, metals, and histological assessments of the cuticle (Fig.
Morphometric and meristic parameters were made for each specimen as described by Mohsin and Ambak (1983).
Many statistical techniques used the morphometric and meristic characters in classification and discrimination study, e.
This has made identification of some species difficult, particularly certain cyprinids with similar meristic and morphometric characters and for which pigmentary features are critical for proper identification.
Multivariate statistical techniques were used to compare the morphometric and meristic characters currently used to differentiate syngnathids.