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merle 1

also merl  (mûrl)

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin merulus, merula.]

merle 2

Having a coat with irregular streaks or speckles of a contrasting color. Used of certain dogs.
A dog with a merle coat.

[Perhaps from merle.]


(mɜːl; Scottish mɛrl) or


(Animals) Scot another name for the (European) blackbird
[C15: via Old French from Latin merula]


(Animals) (of a dog, esp a collie) having a bluish-grey coat with speckles or streaks of black. Often called: blue merle
[C20: from dialect mirlet, mirly speckled]


1. any of several birds of the New World subfamily Icterinae (family Emberizidae) having shiny black or mostly black plumage, as the red-winged blackbird.
2. a common European thrush, Turdus merula, the male of which is black with a yellow bill.
3. a Kanaka who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Australia.
4. to kidnap Kanakas and sell them into slavery.
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Noun1.merle - common black European thrushmerle - common black European thrush  
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast
genus Turdus, Turdus - type genus of the Turdidae
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