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Noun1.mesh topology - the topology of a network whose components are all connected directly to every other component
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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The core backbone shall be constructed using mesh topology on over-headlines using 24 Core OPGW Optical Fiber Cables wherever feasible for a strong and reliable backbone.
A mesh network is a local area network (LAN) that employs one of two connection arrangements, full mesh topology or partial mesh topology.
Fujitsu Laboratories has used a multi-layer full mesh topology in combination with a newly developed communications algorithm that controls transmission sequences to avoid data collisions.
com/computing/179066-what-is-mesh-networking-and-why-apples-adoption-in-ios-7-could-change-the-world) According to Extremetech , "A mesh topology is where each node in the network is connected to every other node around it.
The mesh topology, on the other hand, uses a spread of intermediate nodes that relay messages.
an adaptive Smart Mesh topology system that self-organizes, self-optimizes and self-heals to maximize system-level resilience and network performance without manual antenna aiming and topology tuning.
This aggregation is termed full mesh topology aggregation.
Presenting current research by computer scientists at institutions worldwide, the proceedings features such topics as adaptive cache memories for SMT processors, simulation of high-performance memory allocators, designing efficient source routing for mesh topology network on chip platforms, and design of trace-based split array caches for embedded applications.
High-capacity wireless throughput is sustained while aggregating hundreds of video streams across the mesh topology.
MeshRF peer-to-peer technology is a decentralized mesh topology that can be embedded into 900 transceivers, MeshRF's instinctive networking architecture allows a wireless LAN system to forward traffic between transceiver 'nodes' without the need for a master transceiver.
These projects involve a wireless mesh topology standard for WPAN devices and alterations to the high rate WPAN standard so it supports new wireless multimedia uses more effectively.