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Noun1.mesocolon - mesentery that holds the lower colon to the dorsal abdominal wallmesocolon - mesentery that holds the lower colon to the dorsal abdominal wall
mesentery - a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines


n. mesocolon, mesenterio que fija el colon a la pared abdominal posterior.
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An ultrasound knife was used to remove intestinal canal, dissociate mesocolon, and interrupt mesenterium at grade II vascular arch to ensure the dissociative colon had no tension when being pulled through.
However, origin from the transverse and sigmoid mesocolon or the gastrohepatic ligament is also possible.
The main predisposing factors are a long sigmoid colon and prolonged mesocolon (3).
Several causes, including absence of suspensory ligaments of the transverse colon, atrophic or small liver, segmental agenesis of the right lobe of the liver, abnormality of the falciform redundant mesocolon, redundant or dilated colon, and volvulus of the colon have been reported to be associated with Chilaiditi's syndrome (5, 6).
Bursectomy refers to a surgical procedure that includes removal of the anterior leaf of the transverse mesocolon and the peritoneal lining of the pancreas via omentectomy.
Following Roux-en-Y reconstruction, Petersen's spaces, jejuna-jejunal spaces, and transverse mesocolon spaces (if anastomosis was performed retrocolic) was formed.
We report an unusual case of an 18 year old male with a mass in the mesocolon which was reported as solid pseudo-papillary tumour of pancreas.
Expression and clinical significance of CK19 and CK20 expressions in transverse mesocolon biopsies from patients with gastric carcinoma.
At surgery, a large cyst containing six litres of fluid was dissected free from the left descending mesocolon (Figure 2); no colonic resection was required.
In one patient with huge retroperitoneal cyst, it was arising from the pelvis and occupying the whole sigmoid mesocolon and extending into the abdomen getting blood supply from inferior mesenteric artery, hence sigmoid colon resection was inevitable.
Although the exact causative factor is not known, high residual diet, narrow attachment of pelvic colon, long pelvic mesocolon, overloaded colon owing to chronic constipation, and bands are predisposing factors.
It is proposed that stretching of the transverse mesocolon leads to increased laxity of the posterior adhering fascia thereby mobilizing the pancreas, hence causing herniation.