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 (mĕz′ə-môr′fĭk, mĕs′-)
1. also mes·o·mor·phous (-môr′fəs) Of, relating to, or existing in a state of matter intermediate between liquid and crystal.
2. Of or relating to a mesomorph.

mes′o·mor′phism, mes′o·mor′phy n.


the condition or state of being a mesomorph, i.e., having an athletic body structure. — mesomorphic, adj.
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Noun1.mesomorphy - muscular and big-bonedmesomorphy - muscular and big-boned    
body type, somatotype - a category of physique
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2 for Freestyle wrestlers, and a difference was found for only mesomorphy value between the styles (p<0.
Compared to professional rugby league athletes, junior elite players have significantly lower body mass, mesomorphy and greater skinfold thickness (Cheng et al.
Endomorphy is a measure of relative fatness, mesomorphy is a measure of relative musculo-skeletal robustness, and ectomorphy is a measure of proportionality between body weight and height (29).
From the analysis of Table 2, referring to the somatotype presented by the total number of athletes (N = 27) in the present study, the highest mean was found for the second component, mesomorphy, followed by endomorphy and ectomorphy, characterizing this group of gymnasts as mesoendomorphs.
There was a predominance of meso and ectomorphy, with prevalence of mesomorphy.
Quantitative data included here as indicators of relative mesomorphy or xeromorphy of particular woods, and as a way of documenting presence of protracted juvenilism (paedomorphosis).
determine the body composition of elite Turkish swimmers, and at the end of the study, there was no significant difference between BMI, BF%, mesomorphy values, and swimming styles.
The greater mesomorphy of team handball players may be related to the fact that among the three sports, team handball has the most body contact and the highest number of physical collisions (Bayios et al.
Specifically, in accordance with the formula, prominence of ectomorphy or mesomorphy was assigned as "a rating of at least three points higher .
phenotypic difference and similarity in terms of somatotype [body-type in terms of ectomorphy, endomorphy, and mesomorphy as well as the crude realization of differences in height and weight]