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 (mĕz′ŏn′, mĕs′-, mē′zŏn′, -sŏn′, mā′-)
Any of a class of subatomic particles that are both hadrons and bosons, are composed of a quark and an antiquark, participate in strong interactions, and have masses generally intermediate between those of leptons and baryons.

[meso- + -on.]

me·son′ic (mĕ-zŏn′ĭk, -sŏn′, mē-, mā-) adj.


(Atomic Physics) any of a group of elementary particles, such as a pion or kaon, that usually has a rest mass between those of an electron and a proton, and an integral spin. They are responsible for the force between nucleons in the atomic nucleus. Former name: mesotron See also muon
[C20: from meso- + -on]
meˈsonic, ˈmesic adj


(ˈmɛz ɒn, ˈmɛs-, ˈmeɪ zɒn, -sɒn)

any strongly interacting boson, as the pion or kaon.
me•son′ic, adj.
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Noun1.meson - an elementary particle responsible for the forces in the atomic nucleus; a hadron with a baryon number of 0
b-meson - exceedingly short-lived meson
boson - any particle that obeys Bose-Einstein statistics but not the Pauli exclusion principle; all nuclei with an even mass number are bosons
hadron - any elementary particle that interacts strongly with other particles
J particle, psi particle - a neutral meson with a large mass
K particle, kaon, kappa-meson, k-meson - an unstable meson produced as the result of a high-energy particle collision
pi-meson, pion - a meson involved in holding the nucleus together; produced as the result of high-energy particle collision


[ˈmiːzɒn] Nmesón m


n (Phys) → Meson nt
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