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adj. mess·i·er, mess·i·est
a. Disorderly and dirty: a messy bedroom.
b. Given to making messes; not neat or organized: a messy roommate.
2. Exhibiting or demonstrating carelessness: messy reasoning.
3. Unpleasantly difficult to settle or resolve: a messy court case.

mess′i·ly adv.
mess′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.messily - in a messy, untidy mannermessily - in a messy, untidy manner; "Rossi spat very deliberately, and very messily, upon Durieux's party card"
بِقَذاره، بِفَوْضى
karmakarışık şekilde


advunordentlich; they divorced messilyihre Scheidung war eine unerfreuliche Angelegenheit


(mes) noun
a state of disorder or confusion; an untidy, dirty or unpleasant sight or muddle. This room is in a terrible mess!; She looked a mess; The spilt food made a mess on the carpet.
(with with) to meddle, or to have something to do with. She's always messing with the television set.
ˈmessy adjective
dirty. a messy job.
ˈmessily adverb
ˈmessiness noun
ˈmess-up noun
a muddle or state of confusion. There has been a mess-up in the timetable.
make a mess of
1. to make dirty, untidy or confused. The heavy rain has made a real mess of the garden.
2. to do badly. He made a mess of his essay.
3. to spoil or ruin (eg one's life). He made a mess of his life by drinking too much.
mess about/around
1. to behave in a foolish or annoying way. The children were shouting and messing about.
2. to work with no particular plan in a situation that involves mess. I love messing about in the kitchen.
3. (with with) to meddle or interfere with. Who's been messing about with my papers?
4. to upset or put into a state of disorder or confusion. The wind messed her hair about.
mess up
to spoil; to make a mess of. Don't mess the room up!
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Mystical Grigori Rasputin, alias the Mad Monk, was a mystical faith healer whose malign influence on the Russian royal family around the time of the First World War exasperated politicians there of both left and right to such an extent that he was eventually - and extremely messily - assassinated.
Fortunately they are playing holiday-goers West Ham, whose disgrace of a display last week stunk of a side already with sand between their toes and sun cream smeared messily on their foreheads.
As somebody who likes to eat his cheesecake tout ensemble, this meant I had to messily scrape the contents of the glass on to a plate to fully enjoy the dish, but thankfully the taste made it all worthwhile.
Gary, now in a relationship with dental nurse Cherylanne McCutcheon, 26, said: "It's all ended rather messily I'm afraid, and "It's all ended rather messily I'm afraid, and that's just so sad .
But the sharp rise in popularity of this asset class has raised concerns of a bubble similar to the one that messily exploded following major investments by Japanese investors in the 1980s.
Diaz, channeling an early Christina Aguilera with her cheap hoop earrings and messily crimped hair, talk-yells at the girls with such an unnatural shrill that it fails at being cruel, comedic, or drunken.
Articulate and elegant, she was a mum to seven children, coping alone after her husband had committed suicide, very messily, too - the final act of violence (his mind unhinged in all sorts of ways, his business debts spiralling) in a quarter century of controlling and psychologically violent acts, almost all of them directed towards his wife.
Their lives are every bit as messily complicated as the people you work with and with TV crime dramas ten a penny, that's why watching this one always feels like a treat rather than a gruesome ordeal to be endured.
garnish with coriander and some chopped onion, fold up the tortilla and eat messily.
Messily braid remaining hair together, secure with an elastic.
Staff at the hospice say art gives children the opportunity to express themselves as creatively and messily as possiS ble.
Though the look of Kitnick's show may have been (in spite of its multiple colorways) austere, its allusion, however disengaged, to a technique for the achievement of well-being kept it messily human.