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Of, relating to, or resulting from metabolism.

[Greek metabolikos, changeable, from metabolē, change; see metabolism.]

met′a·bol′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.metabolically - involving metabolismmetabolically - involving metabolism; "metabolically important substances"
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People who were metabolically healthy but considered merely overweight were at a 30 percent greater risk of coronary heart disease compared with their normal weight and metabolically healthy peers.
OBESE INDIVIDUALS with no metabolic abnormalities, such as dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar levels, still have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than do metabolically healthy people of normal weight, new data suggests.
Researchers found that even metabolically healthy obese adults had a heightened risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke over the next five years.
The more metabolically active the brain is, the more blood it requires, so the supply arteries are larger and the holes in fossil skulls are accurate gauges of arterial size.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new study provides further evidence against the notion of a healthy obese state, revealing that white fat tissue samples from obese individuals classified as either metabolically healthy or unhealthy actually show nearly identical, abnormal changes in gene expression in response to insulin stimulation.
Working metabolically to reduce TNF alpha and other cytokines, Cuvitus can be used in pre- and post-workout supplements as well as joint health products to support active, healthy lifestyles.
Using mice precursor fat cells with artificially lowered levels of SIRT1, the WCM-Q researchers were able to confirm that the protein does indeed play a key role in limiting accumulation of metabolically dysfunctional hyperplastic adipose (fat) cells.
5-7 The distinction between metabolically healthy and unhealthy obese persons is drawn according to the presence or absence of various components of metabolic syndrome.
Omeicos' drug candidates are metabolically much more stable than their natural counterparts and have ideal drug-like characteristics.
The microbes, which the scientists plucked from clouds above the Auvergne region of France, were known to be metabolically active in clouds, but their diets were a mystery.
We move less as our joints become a little less supple - and thus we lose muscle which is more metabolically active (ie, it burns energy).
Scientists and engineers in biochemistry, biotechnology, and related fields survey developments and prospects for producing biofuel molecules such as hydrogen, methane, ethanol, butanol, higher chain alcohols, isoprenoids, and fatty acid derivatives by metabolically engineered microbes such as bacteria, yeast, and microalgae.