metacentric chromosome

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Noun1.metacentric chromosome - a chromosome having two equal arms because the centromere is in median positionmetacentric chromosome - a chromosome having two equal arms because the centromere is in median position
chromosome - a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order; "humans have 22 chromosome pairs plus two sex chromosomes"
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The location of the major ribosomal rDNA (ITS1) displayed the presence of 2 signals: in the telomeric regions of the short arms of the largest metacentric chromosome and in a submetacentric chromosome.
occur in the Nearctic region (Cokendolpher 1989) and show a great karyotypic uniformity in relation to diploid number (2n = 15), metacentric chromosome morphology, and X/XX sex determination chromosome system type.
The karyotype of this species is identical to that reported here for the Caucasian snow vole, including the possession of a metacentric chromosome 26.
Marking was observed in a single metacentric chromosome pair (not individually identified on the karyotypes).
The X chromosome is the largest subacrocentric and Y is the smallest metacentric chromosome in Lohi sheep (Ali, 1993).
The diploids had 15 metacentric chromosome pairs and 4 submetacentric chromosome pairs (no.
cracherodii described for this region showed that these species are similar in the metacentric chromosome number equal to eight pairs (8M).
The mean arm ratios indicated that this species has 16 pairs of clearly metacentric chromosomes (chromosome pairs 1-16; Table 2).