metal screw

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Noun1.metal screw - screw made of metalmetal screw - screw made of metal      
screw - a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
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Tenders are invited for Slotted Pan Head Self Sheet Metal Screw With Dc/Ni/Cr Plated Size 08X19 Mm Long To Is 7173/1989 Rev.
Ingredient temperature: Polyurethane becomes too soft at ingredient temperatures above 50 C (122 F), requiring a metal screw trough.
Now, with a metal screw in her fifth metatarsal, she had survived two weeks of immobility.
Mrs Denby, 63, of Pontyates, Carmarthenshire, was convinced surgeons had failed to remove a metal screw from her foot but she was told there was "no evidence of any signifi-cant residual metal within the field of surgery".
The plastic piece that you use to turn it off and on broke last year, so you have to use this tiny metal screw," I said, demonstrating how to properly stick said screw into the hair dryer at precisely the right angle.
They are steel shafts with blades attached in a spiral pattern, similar to a large metal screw which is screwed into the ground below a foundation.
Pouring hot water over the screw might also free it up, as the hot water expands the metal screw and may loosen it up.
The glass jar has a metal screw top lid and is from lot number 161/11 with a best before date of 10/06/2014.
After vacuum closures with PROVALIN[R], the closure sealing compound without PVC and plasticizers, had already been nominated for the Packaging Prize before, this time the German Packaging Prize jury decided to award a prize to PVC-free metal screw caps with TPE seals.
The drainplug consists of a metal screw surrounded by a rubber gasket.
Athol Historical Society President Susannah Whipps-Lee said the time capsule - which has yet to be opened - was made from an old glass container that looked like a pickle jar with a rusted metal screw top.
A BAHRAIN hypermarket has been warned after a party guest, who bit into one of its products, found a metal screw inside.