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Of or relating to a metalanguage or to metalinguistics.

met′a·lin·guis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Linguistics) of or relating to metalinguistics


(ˌmɛt ə lɪŋˈgwɪs tɪk)

of or pertaining to metalinguistics or a metalanguage.
met`a•lin•guis′ti•cal•ly, adv.


[ˌmetəlɪŋˈgwɪstɪk] ADJmetalingüístico
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Among their topics are misunderstanding and miscommunication in conversational humor, (im)politeness: metalinguistic labels and concepts in English, contrastive discourse relations in context: evidence from monological and dialogic editing tasks, pragmatics and multimodality: a reflection on multimodal pragmastylistics, and the meaning and context of aesthetic statements.
In addition to acceptability judgements among native speakers and synchronic ICE corpora, she innovates by incorporating metalinguistic comments from internet forums into her analysis and by referring to both contemporary and historical corpora produced for both British and American English.
Metalinguistic activities are conscious skills of the subject to deliberately maintain the monitoring and reflection about language (Maluf, Zanella, & Pagnez, 2006; Salles & Correa, 2014).
artificial narrative, content level, expression level, intentional lie, journalism, medium, metalinguistic, naturai narrative, non-intentional lie
The vale has been described as a form of farewell with its origins being traced to the Roman and Greek funerary inscriptions or epitaphs (Dickey & Chahoud, 2010) in which the farewell served as a pragmatic and metalinguistic function of marking the end whilst conveying insights into the life and work of the particular person.
It is worth noting that Kripke also rejects a metalinguistic position when wondering about statements of existence.
metalinguistic feedback and repetition) have more advantages in that they help learners explore their own errors and propose their own solutions, which is more likely to facilitate learning.
Linguistic abilities, which are unconscious and unintentional, are learned naturally, while metalinguistic abilities are intentional, conscious, and monitored, and usually must be explicitly taught in order to be fully developed [4].
The second article, Direct Instruction fit for purpose: applying a metalinguistic toolkit to enhance creative writing in the early secondary years, Sally Humphrey and Susan Feez also within the field of systemic functional linguistics report on a study with English teachers from four Australian secondary schools.
This is a poetics of objects articulated according to metalinguistic coordinates, whose subjects are seemingly indifferent to the gaze of the viewer.
Finally, also the stance of the author is manifested in the mise en page, which can be interpreted from the perspective of the metalinguistic or (more appropriately for the present context) metatextual function.
In other words, previous studies have provided considerable evidence that the strategic construal of composite wholes such as PVs depends on a number of language internal factors (including metalinguistic awareness).