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Noun1.metarule - a rule that describes how other rules should be used (as in AI)
formula, rule - (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems; "he determined the upper bound with Descartes' rule of signs"; "he gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials"
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Russia and China no doubt had political competition going on, but the metarule situation of a unified empire meant that the competition took a different form from the trial-and-error policies of economic freedom experienced in divided Europe.
The Charter Cities initiative is an attempt on my part to propose a different metarule for changing the rules in developing countries, one that could, in some sense, circumvent many of the roadblocks that stop changes in rules.
Likewise, anything in indention format, invokes Al's metarule for reading, i.
One can be subversive without making a mistake, and one may have failed to see that one should accept a given rule; but that is a different mistake and one which presupposes that one has internalized a metarule that one should follow the rules accepted, say, by one's community.
The vikarana snu, because marked with s, is termed sarvadhatuka at step 10 and at step 13 is thereby extended the status of being marked with n, which prevents guna at step 14 in accordance with the metarule 1.
The crux of the matter is that the "missing subject" construction of (32) is generated by means of a metarule, which as such can apply only to lexical rules, and hence not to the rules which expand S[COMP that], which are not lexical rules.
The order of elements in the compound is determined by two additional metarules.
Not surprisingly, these two metarules affect other aspects of CWMN, for example, on a page of continuous triplets, suppressing the little "3"s after the first few.
It consists of facts, metarules, knowledge rules for design and assembly and organizational rules.
Another German economist, Wolfgang Kerber, agreed with Eichberger that an "underlying legal order" would still be needed to provide, among other things, "a set of metarules that ensure that a system of FOCJs is really able to enhance the welfare of the citizens.
19) What this system amounts to, then, "is a series of metarules or principles that allow people to abstract from ordinary disagreements," which he terms "the rules of constitutional settlement.
For all that Ray is "lying" when he purports to be an ex-Confederate recounting the Union private's survival story, his chaotic, even schizophrenic (Vietnam) veteran's narrative challenges both the metarules of war and the Southern metanarrative of male, military heroism.