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 (mĕt′ə-sō′mə-tĭz′əm) also met·a·so·ma·to·sis (-sō′mə-tō′sĭs)
The process by which the chemical composition of a rock is changed by interaction with fluids; replacement of one mineral by another without melting.

met′a·so·mat′ic (-măt′ĭk) adj.
met′a·so·mat′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Geological Science) geology relating to metasomatism
2. (Zoology) zoology relating to a metasoma
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Around the Montepuez Belt, ruby formations seem to have resulted mainly from a metasomatic process, when fluid derived from the parental magma interacted with the host rocks in a low-silica environment.
For example, in NW Queensland, significant volumes of Na (Ca)-dominated rocks clearly represent multiple events; some of these are meta-evaporites and predate younger, metasomatic varieties that accompanied multiple styles of Fe-oxide +- Cu(-Au) mineralization (Williams and Pollard, 2001).
This work describes quartz dissolution using hydrothermal experiments and chemical dissolution in order to constrain fluid migration during metasomatic proceses involving quartz dissolution.
Endogenic gold deposits were developed among hydrothermal metasomatic alteration, granulating relatively small alteration minerals which were in a fair preservation of Rb and Sr.
According to Wikipedia, "Synonyms to the word metasomatism are metasomatose and metasomatic process.
Ga/Mg supported a metasomatic origin for these sapphires.
Though the ascension is a metaempirical event, it does not imply for the ascended Jesus a metasomatic or disincamate state" (59-60).
Metasomatic reactions between carbonated plume melts and mantle harzburgite: the evidence from Friday and Domingo seamounts (Juan Fernandez chain, SE Pacific).
A-Hydrothermal Metasomatic deposits in carbonate and dolomitic rocks: Through this process mechanism, when hydrothermal solutions penetrate into the dolomitic rocks, because the ionic radius of calcium is about 36 % bigger than that of the Magnesium, these two elements therefore cannot replace one another isomorphically; however because the Iron ionic radius is not so much different from that of the Magnesium, a series of isomorphic minerals like Magnesite, Hontite, Bronzitite and etc.
4% Cu and 75g/t Ag; narrow high-grade quartz veins up to 1m grading 33g/t Au, as well as high-grade metasomatic replacements up to 2m grading 15g/t Au and 60g/t Ag.
The incompatible element enrichment could reflect a recent metasomatic event in a depleted mantle source, and the small difference in [sup.
The sediments, originally composed of interlayered fine to medium-grained fossiliferous sandstones and silica-rich limestones, locally with a nodular structure, have been affected by metasomatic alteration, concentrated along structural discontinuities such as layer boundaries, fractures and contacts with the lamprophyric intrusions.