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n. pl. met·a·tho·rax·es or met·a·tho·ra·ces (-thôr′ə-sēz′)
The hindmost of the three divisions of the thorax of an insect, bearing the third pair of legs and the second pair of wings.

met′a·tho·rac′ic (-thə-răs′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -raxes or -races (-rəˌsiːz)
(Zoology) the third and last segment of an insect's thorax, which bears the third pair of walking legs and the second pair of wings. See also prothorax, mesothorax
metathoracic adj


(ˌmɛt əˈθɔr æks, -ˈθoʊr-)

n., pl. -tho•rax•es, -tho•ra•ces (-ˈθɔr əˌsiz, -ˈθoʊr-)
the posterior division of the thorax of an insect, bearing the third pair of legs and the second pair of wings.
met`a•tho•rac′ic (-θɔˈræs ɪk, -θoʊ-) adj.
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After 80 h, the black discoloration spread toward the metathorax, mesothorax, prothorax, and pleural region, and the abdomen was completely compressed and dehydrated.
Metathorax + propodeum dull, completely granulated, with posterior surface not transversely striate.
Thoracic appendages (Table I) lacked natatory sensilla but bore short ventral spinulae (combs) on tibiae of the meso- and metathorax and all tarsi.
Mesothorax with short setae a and m, metathorax and anterior segments of abdomen with large lanceolate and finely ciliated spines; posterior part of great abdomen with slender setae (fig.
This clade is diagnosed by the distinct lateral intersegmental suture between meso- and metathorax, a reversal also found in Rhagadotarsinae + Trepobatinae (Damgaard, 2008b).
Head, thorax, and legs covered with long dark brown hair; colour of vestiture between metathorax and first abdominal segment orange, rest of abdomen on dorsal side dark brown with intersegmental tufts of orange hair, ventral half completely dark brown.
4I); scutellum with small round medial depression; hemelytra smooth, with row of punctures along claval suture; metathorax above scent gland evaporatory area with sensillae originating from deep round depressions (as in P.
Metathorax + propodeum shiny, with track of median longitudinal furrow, with disc and anterior surface partly smooth and partly rugose; posterior surface strongly transversely striate.
Thysanoptera adults have paired spiracles on the pleura of the mesothorax and metathorax and on the first and eighth abdominal tergites (Moritz 1997).
Metathorax bandlike, with several rows of denticles close together, with 3 pairs of lateral setae and 2 pairs of medial seate, (Fig.