methanesulfonic acid

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meth·ane·sul·fon·ic acid

A corrosive solid, CH3SO2OH, that melts near room temperature and is used as a catalyst for polymerization, esterification, and alkylation, and is sometimes used as a solvent.
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Our next step will be in the region Asia/Pacific as we are planning the construction of a new methanesulfonic acid plant in Malaysia," said Gabriel Tanbourgi, president of Care Chemicals.
Liquefaction of pine bark using phenol and lower alcohols with methanesulfonic acid catalyst.
The short functionalized nanotubes are copolymerized with the rigid-rod-polyazole blocks in a strong acid, such as sulfuric acid or methanesulfonic acid, that is capable of dissolving both reactants without degradation.
Select C(alpha), O-oximes, such as 3,4-dimethoxyacetophenone or 3,4- dimethylacetophenone oxime, were dilithiated in excess LDA, followed by condensation with ethyl oxanilates to afford C-acylated intermediates that can be cyclized directly with dilute hydrochloric acid/THF, or isolated and separately acid-cyclized to 5- isoxazolecarboxamides using methanesulfonic acid and a water trap.