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Any of various anaerobic archaea that produce methane as a metabolic byproduct.


(mɛˈθæn ə dʒən, -ˌdʒɛn)

any of a group of archaebacteria that occur in diverse anaerobic environments and are capable of producing methane from a limited number of chemical sources, as carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
meth•an`o•gen′ic, adj.
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Noun1.methanogen - archaebacteria found in anaerobic environments such as animal intestinal tracts or sediments or sewage and capable of producing methane; a source of natural gas
archaebacteria, archaebacterium, archaeobacteria, archeobacteria - considered ancient life forms that evolved separately from bacteria and blue-green algae
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They've also developed a vaccine injection that produces methanogen antibodies in saliva, which would then travel into the rumen.
All methanogen species displayed survival after exposure to low pressure, indicated by methane production in both original and transfer cultures following each experiment.
If hydrogen sulfide SIBO is suspected the same treatments as those used for methanogen overgrowth are indicated.
Microbial Reduction of Fe(III) in Smectite Minerals by Thermophilic Methanogen Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus.
and Methanogen Activity to Water Table and Soft Warming Manipulations in
The archea are 80 percent efficient at conserving the electrical energy into the chemical bonds of methane, good enough that Logan and his team want to use the methanogen to store energy generated by intermittent power sources, like wind, solar or tidal energy.
Norman Pace fleshed out the field of microbial ecology, which, in turn, inspired DOE funded projects, including a joint grant to Venter and Woese to sequence a high-temperature, deep-sea methanogen.
The survival of these two methanogen species exposed to long-term freeze/thaw cycles suggests methanogens could potentially inhabit the subsurface of Mars.
Materials required: for each group of 2-4 students, one envelope with labeled pictures (readily downloaded from the Internet) of the following organisms: cyanobacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, methanogen, halophile, thermophile, ciliate, flagellate, conifer, angiosperm, mushroom, mold, mammal, and arthropod.
Research has suggested that CT suppresses methanogenesis by reducing methanogen population in the rumen directly or via reduction of protozoa population (McAllister et al.
The team investigated an ancient type of methanogen, Methanocaldococcus jannaschii, which lives in deep-sea hydrothermal vents or volcanoes where environmental conditions mimic those that existed on the early Earth.
In this paper we have utilized cellulose rich, Tapioca fiber waste via anaerobic fermentation--systematic dozing of methanogen rich inoculum, to improve Tapioca fiber processing.