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Mead that has been flavored with herbs or spices.

[Welsh meddyglyn : meddyg, medicinal (from Latin medicus, from medērī, to heal; see med- in Indo-European roots) + llyn, liquor.]


(Brewing) (esp formerly) spiced or medicated mead
[C16: from Welsh meddyglyn, from meddyg healer (from Latin medicus medical) + llyn liquor]
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Noun1.metheglin - spiced or medicated mead
mead - made of fermented honey and water
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If I had but a cup of metheglin," said Paul, stopping to perform the necessary operation of breathing, "I should swear this was the strongest meal that was ever placed before the mouth of man
Recipes include Metheglin (Cornish Ginger Mead), Stewed Pompion (Spicy Pumpkin Soup), Iumbolls (a.
This is true enough (though anyone who accuses Falstaff of overindulgence in metheglin had not lost all contact with Wales), and these plays probably would have given their audience a rather better understanding of the way Welshmen moved into a new community.