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Noun1.method of choice - the best method to achieve a desired resultmethod of choice - the best method to achieve a desired result
method - a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)
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It provides arguments for adopting DAP as the method of choice in supporting early childhood learning, and it provides a strong biographical history of early childhood education's major theoretical figures.
Over the last 45 years, the use of chemical pesticides such as dichlorodiphe-nyltrichloroethane (DDT), gammaxane, malathion, and chlordane has been the method of choice for mosquito control, and the antimalarial drugs chloroquine and the affordable pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine combination have proved successful in lowering morbidity and mortality.
Karl Fischer Titration has long been the method of choice for water content determination, mainly due to fast analysis times, accuracy, repeatability, chemical selectivity to the water molecule, and simple operation.
Summary: The telephone has now become the method of choice for beggars in Dubai, with many now trying to fraudulently extract money from the kind-hearted over the phone, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.
Running from 10am to midday on both days, they will feature how to apply hands-only Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a technique that involves chest compression without artificial respiration, which is the method of choice for untrained rescuers.
However, chest compression combined with rescue breaths is the method of choice for CPR by trained.
She was found decapitated in the city of Nuevo Laredo on September 24 (decapitation having become the method of choice for murders intended to terrorize).
The laboratory's scientists became so adept at their work that covert poisoning gradually became the method of choice for eliminating opposition.
The rules of the referendum were clearly biased to give the Yes vote the maximum possible chance of winning, and it seems to me that winning at the expense of democracy is now clearly entrenched as the political method of choice, thus aligning ourselves even more closely with the EU.
I am sure that a considerable amount of the money donated to the appeal for Haiti, for example, was donated by cheque and I know that this is still the method of choice for many of us.
Wet combing is accurate in diagnosing active infestation, but visual inspection is the method of choice if the aim is to determine the frequency of carriers of eggs or nits, conclude the authors.
Fast and reliable detection systems are, therefore, the method of choice.