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All in all, the work will be supported by non-technological analysis and advanced methodological analysis (including circular economy and industrial symbiosis principles) which will trigger a broadly deployment of the tested solutions.
Her methodological analysis of diaries is excellent and argues for understanding diaries not as a text but as an activity.
The book then turns to methodological analysis, including structural identifiability, parameter sensitivity, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, experiment optimization, and model reduction.
The collection is organized both thematically and loosely chronologically; the six essays in part 1, "Texts," provide textual analysis of individual works as they move back in time from Vizenor's recent publications, while the seven essays in part 2, "Contexts" move forward in time as they expand the focus outward from single texts to broader methodological analysis and comparative studies.
Perhaps surprisingly for an archivist who spends her day classifying documents, I am uncomfortable with sociological categories applied to groups, and so read the methodological analysis of the classification of gender regimes with some skepticism.
It is a rare scholar who, in addition to being expert in her discipline, can also move the field forward in methodological analysis and in pedagogical praxis.
The authors have skilfully integrated data analysis, reflection and methodological analysis.