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An alkoxide derived from methanol. Also called methylate.

[meth- : oxide.]


(Elements & Compounds) a saltlike compound in which the hydrogen atom in the hydroxyl group of methanol has been replaced by a metal atom, usually an alkali metal atom as in sodium methoxide, NaOCH3. Also called: methylate
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However, its inputs namely, RBD Palm Stearin, Methanol and Sodium Methoxide are chargeable to central excise duty leading to CENVAT credit accumulation.
DPC, BPA, sodium methoxide, lithium hydroxide (all from Sigma-Aldrich chemicals) were all high purity products and were not purified before use.
The researchers extracted lipids in milk using chloroform-methanol and methylated techniques with sodium methoxide.
Previous researchers reports that the higher conversion of TMP triester can be found in 8 hours reaction time using calcium methoxide as catalyst [3].
Explaining the project the girls commented,"Our project is based on synthesis of bio-diesel in addition to Glycerol by chemically treating the waste oil with sodium methoxide,"
com/research/t7vzq8/global_and) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Sodium Methoxide Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
2007) studied the transesterification reaction of WFO by means of ethanol, using sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium methoxide and potassium methoxide as catalysts, and found that the biodiesel with the best properties was obtained using an ethanol/oil molar ratio of 12:1, potassium hydroxide as catalyst (1%), and 78[degrees]C temperature.
Three additional procedures were evaluated quantitatively to derivatize acyl lipids as FAME: sodium methoxide in MeOH, HCl in MeOH, and saponification followed by acid methylation (HCl in MeOH) (Christie 1989).
3 mmol) were reacted for 2 h at 100[degrees] C in a 50 ml glass reactor, in the presence of sodium methoxide (0.
Unlike typical oil processing, the process uses no harsh chemicals and it does not require hydrogen or sodium methoxide, both highly flammable and reactive chemicals.
The solution thus prepared called methoxide was added to vegetable oil and stirred at a constant rate at 600C for one hour.
Methyl esters of the fatty acids in milk fat were prepared by transesterification with sodium methoxide according to the method of Christie (1982).