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An alkoxide derived from methanol. Also called methylate.

[meth- : oxide.]


(Elements & Compounds) a saltlike compound in which the hydrogen atom in the hydroxyl group of methanol has been replaced by a metal atom, usually an alkali metal atom as in sodium methoxide, NaOCH3. Also called: methylate
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Garcia-Ochoa, Kinetics of the Production of Glycerol Carbonate by Transesterification of Glycerol with Dimethyl and Ethylene Carbonate Using Potassium Methoxide, a Highly Active Catalyst, Fuel Process.
The beaker is closed and then stirred for about half an hour and Sodium Methoxide is formed as a result.
Transesterification of cantaloupe seed oil: Initially, the methyl esters of extracted cantaloupe seed oil (CSO) were prepared by transesterification following a standard method of 6: 1 methanol to oil molar ratio and 1% wt/wt of sodium methoxide as the methylating agent.
Sodium methoxide (MeONa) was prepared by adding freshly cut small pieces of Na (2.
Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters) is another potential source because sodium (Na) or potassium (K) methoxide catalyzes the reaction of vegetable oils with methanol to form methyl esters.
Sodium methoxide 30% solution in methanol 500ml,150.
An example of alkali catalyst includes NaoH, KoH, carbonates, sodium methoxide and sodium peroxide.
DPC, BPA, sodium methoxide, lithium hydroxide (all from Sigma-Aldrich chemicals) were all high purity products and were not purified before use.
The procedure was started by depositing in a vial (washed with hexane and dried for 2 h at 300[degrees]C) 2ml of hexane and 40 mg of abdominal fat at 40[degrees]C for 1 min, and after this time, 100 [micro]l of sodium methoxide were added (prepared with NaOH 2M in absolute methane), was shaken vigorously for 2 min, was heated for 5 min (40[degrees]C) and was centrifuged at 5000 rpm for 10 min.