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tr.v. meth·yl·at·ed, meth·yl·at·ing, meth·yl·ates
1. To introduce one or more methyl groups into (a molecule).
2. To mix or combine with methyl alcohol.

meth′yl·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.methylated - having received a methyl group; "methylated alcohol"
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It is hopeless attempting to make a wood fire, so you light the methylated spirit stove, and crowd round that.
Dorothy," she continued on the same breath, to catch the servant before she left the room, "we shall want some more methylated spirits--unless the lamp itself is out of order.
Joanne McMahon didn't see an open flame when she threw methylated spirits on to it - engulfing her face, neck and hands in a ball of fire.
Since I began practising as an optometrist, over 40 years ago, it has been standard practice to use methylated spirits to remove varifocal lens markings and price label residue from acetate and metal frames.
A number of commercial systems are now available to address this question; while they differ in respect to their platform and final method of result readout, most rely on a common underlying molecular technology to make the actual determination of whether a given CpG is methylated.
By comparing the genome-wide methylation pattern of two groups exhibiting different growth performances, we identified differentially methylated regions (DMRs) and genes related with these regions.
Among those that have been rigorously studied, methylated SEPT9 (6) (septin 9) is the most well characterized (18, 19).
CUSTOMERS at a Merseyside pub were sold methylated spirits "unfit for human consumption" in place of vodka.
They demonstrated that a subset of those sites- the ones that become increasingly methylated with advancing age- are also disproportionately methylated in a variety of human cancers.
The differentially methylated regions (DMRs), where the parental specific methylation takes place, are located within regulatory regions known as imprinting control regions (ICRs).
Half an hour later we're back at the local hardware store explaining why we need methylated spirit.
The Septin 9 methylated DNA test measures if colorectal tumor DNA, which can be detected even in the earliest stages of colorectal cancer, is present in a patient's bloodstream.