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tr.v. meth·yl·at·ed, meth·yl·at·ing, meth·yl·ates
1. To introduce one or more methyl groups into (a molecule).
2. To mix or combine with methyl alcohol.

meth′yl·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.methylated - having received a methyl group; "methylated alcohol"
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It is hopeless attempting to make a wood fire, so you light the methylated spirit stove, and crowd round that.
Dorothy," she continued on the same breath, to catch the servant before she left the room, "we shall want some more methylated spirits--unless the lamp itself is out of order.
Using the methylated DNA immunoprecipitation-sequencing (MeDIP-seq) technology, methylation studies have been extensively conducted in animals [8-10].
The aim of this study was to determine the suitability of Raman spectroscopy for label-free detection of methylated DNA.
Tenders are invited for Methylated spirit supply & Waste collection
Thus, humans are exposed to methylated intermediates generated by bacteria found in the environment (Oremland and Stolz 2003).
The incidence of type IV locus (super methylated locus) on the other hand was significantly correlated with the shell length, with Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.
Previous studies have shown that cytosine can exist in two forms, one of which is the methylated version methylcytosine.
Statistical analysis of MSAP markers bands was used to assess changes in methylated DNA of P.
In this work we applied GLAD-PCR assay for identification of the methylated RCGY sites in the regulatory regions of some downregulated genes associated with colorectal cancer (CRC).
That afternoon we were out at their house for a BBQ and we had a small little Bain Marie I had used to keep the food warm and underneath is a tiny little container you put methylated spirits into and light it.
A gene is switched off, or silenced, when its promoter is methylated.