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1. An alkylation process involving addition of, or substitution by, a methyl group.
2. The process of treating something with methyl alcohol.
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Louis, MO) received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a key patent application that covers Orion's MethylScope technology, a broad approach to discovering and quantifying the DNA methylation status on each and every gene in the human genome.
Under the collaboration, scientists at Orion and the University of Glasgow will use Orion's methylation technologies to identify biomarkers useful in the detection and treatment of cancers of the lung, breast and ovaries.
An Austrian research team found that by testing stool samples for changes in DNA methylation, which is a form of genetic alteration common in colorectal cancer cells, they were able to identify colorectal cancer about 90 percent of the time.
Your body needs SAM-e as a source of methyl groups for methylation (methylation is important in many different processes going on in your body from brain chemistry to your genetic code).
NYSE:A) today expanded its target-enrichment platform with the SureSelect XT Human Methyl-Seq system for epigenetic research into DNA methylation sites.
ReaDMe has the ambitious goal to systematically define the sensitivity of TFs to local levels of DNA methylation in vivo.
2) In this issue of EHP, investigators identify gene-specific DNA methylation targets in white blood cells in a large study of Bangladeshi adults.
Washington, Dec 12 ( ANI ): Researchers, who are trying to understand the biology of the malaria parasite, have discovered a potential weakness- low levels of DNA methylation in Plasmodium's genome "that may be critical to the survival of the parasite.
Methylation of DNA occurs on cytosines and can be transmitted over many cell generations to sustain epigenetic memory.
Previous research studies have suggested that exposure to heavy metal toxicants can influence a person's global DNA methylation profile.
The most frequently examined epigenetic mechanism is called DNA methylation because it involves methylation of cytosine in CpG (cytosine-phosphate-guanine) pairs.
DNA methylation is the attachment of methyl (hydrocarbon) groups to DNA.